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With me at the centre of the team, we are very well placed to offer that all important “back up” Chef on-call facility when you need that experienced Chef who has the know-how to fill in when the going gets rough. We will respond to your needs by placing one of our dedicated on-call Chefs without you trawling through CV’s and databases or conducting telephone interviews. With our background, you can rest assure you will have the right Chef to get you through that all important period.

"Give your chef a break". Longevity is the key to a happy boat, both for owner, captain and crew. Chefs get burnt out, with hectic schedules, 12 hours every day in the galley, 6 hour turnarounds, we know - we’ve been there! We know that change during a season or the bosses trip isn’t always ideal but with our cache of well qualified yacht Chefs, we aim to make the transition as seamless as possible and give the chef their boost for the next round!

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